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Pioneer Personalized Holidays - Best Tour Operators in India

Pioneer Personalised Holidays has won the National Tourism Award for Best Tour Operator 2011-2012.

Formed in 1992 with the mission to provide luxurious and budget friendly tour packages across India, Pioneer Personalized Holidays is leaping forward in our 28th year of quality travel service.Our assurance is that you will get to see the best of India andleave with the most wholesome experiences and memories. We specialize in delivering unique bespoke travel experiences. We offer a full range of Destination Management Services to clients and travel partners worldwide, to experience the best structured North Indian and South Indian tour packages. We also organize special Interest tours with emphasis on Arts and Crafts, Yoga, Wildlife, Architecture, Cultural and Historical India.

With headquarters in Kochi, Pioneer operates from offices in Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, and Mysore. Pioneer is today a leading destination management company in Southern India with an overseas marketing representative based in London. What makes Pioneer Tour Packages unique is our well-crafted services complete with luxury holiday packages and train experiences with absolute ease in personalizing according to anyone’s needs. We are active members of PATA India Chapter, IATO, & SKAL, So if you are looking for travelling to any corner of India, look no further, as you have reached the right place!.

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Check out our itineraries to curate your next journey to India. Pick from our exclusive North Indian and South Indian Tour packages and we’ll get you connected with the best tour operators in the field. Let’s get started.

Luxury Train Tours Experience

The Maharajah Travel or the royal luxury train experience is a highlight addition of our tour packages. You transform into an Indian Royalty, soaking in the fascinating, spectacular sights of India during the commute, complete with dining cars, lounges, bar and library.