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The 1.5 km long Promenade or ‘Gandhi’ Beach in the city is quiet (and hot!) during the day. In the evenings, especially during the weekends, it is bustling with its activity. Whole families out to have a good time and balloon, peanut and mango vendors doing their bit – the right place to be in if you want to catch the mood of a typical South Indian beach!

For a more easy, peaceful feel, head to Auro Beach just outside Pondicherry. It’s a great place in which to laze on the sands or splash around in the sea. Don’t miss the sunrise and the sunset. Don’t miss Auroville, too, close by, the experimental city set up by the Aurobindo Ashram Foundation and dedicated to ‘all humanity'.

Serenity Beach, as the name suggests, is tranquil and relaxed. This maybe has to do with its being it a little hard to access from the main road. But the extra effort is worth it.

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best tour operator award