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Pretty palm-fringed beaches line Karnataka’s 320-kilometer long coastline. From the beaches around Mangalore in the south up to those around Karwar in the north are a host of picturesque beaches. Gokarna, Someshwara, Ullal, Batkal, Suratkal, Malpe. Endless stretches of white sand laced by blue, foam-flecked waves, with a restful background of palm trees swaying as though in a dream-like trance. Less known than those of Goa and Kerala to the north and south, respectively, these beaches are a paradise unto themselves. In fact, that’s exactly the name of one of the beaches at Gokarana, easily the most remote and enticing of them all, sheltered by a series of low hills. Along with Paradise Beach at Gokarna and Kudle Beach, Half Moon Beach and Om Beach – the last so called because of two long crescent shaped beaches joined at the horns to form the Hindu symbol of Om. Accommodation is easily available to fit every kind of budget.

An added attraction of Karnataka’s beaches is a quaint, historic temple or two found in the near vicinity, often with a colorful annual festival thrown in. The long peaceful moments of a sunset is something all the beaches share – when one can soak in that pleasurable sensation of yet another day well spent!

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best tour operator award